Giving the Church a Fresh Look

Two years ago, thanks to Paul Lewis, Ben Visser, Sue and Brent Russell and many helping hands, the exterior and grounds of Two Rock Valley Presbyterian Church were rejuvenated.

First, the parking lot was leveled, resurfaced and made more accessible for wheel chairs and walkers, with a concrete path and handrail around the parking sides of the building.

Constructing the concrete pathway

Then the exterior of the church was power washed and given a new coat of paint, and new signage was erected. The manse also received a lick of paint.

Once that was done, the garden was re-landscaped and new beds constructed around the church, with lovely, fresh plantings.

Water wise perennials in the new beds

The old wooden planks around the parking area have been replaced with boulders that will be in service for the next few hundred years!

Paul, Peter and Ben hauling rocks

Finally, a new fence was erected along the front of the church property, completing the fence around the cemetery, and elegant Crepe Myrtle trees have been planted along the fence line.

Crepe Myrtle trees line the cemetery fence line and boulders mark parking spots

This has been a labor of love for the Two Rock congregation and the results are truly splendid.