Our Staff & Church Officers

Our Pastor

We are happy to have the Rev. Brook Scott as our temporary pastor. Pastor Brook received her BA and MS in business in the ‘80s and worked in the business world for 32 years before feeling a strong call to ministry. She obtained her Masters of Divinity degree from the San Francisco School of Theology in 2018. Pastor Brook has held various positions in ministry over the past few years, including her most recent position of Pastoral Associate at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Tiburon. Prior to that, she served as Chaplain Intern at UCSF for 2 years.

Pastor Brook is supported by a small staff and an active group of church officers.

Church Secretary

Kathy Murphy is our secretary. She’s on hand to answer your questions every Tuesday and Thursday morning between 9am and 12pm. Call her on 707-762-4924 or email her at trtompc@aol.com

Two Rock Valley Presbyterian Church

Margaret Todt has been a part of the Two Rock Valley Presbyterian Church music program since 1952 when she sang in the choir.  She was the backup organist for many years and became the primary organist/pianist in 2008.

Treasurer and Cemetery Curator
Two Rock Valley Presbyterian Church

Mel Todt became the treasurer in 2000.   His background was in banking so when the treasurer opening occurred he was a natural for the position.  He is treasurer for both the Two Rock and Tomales Presbyterian churches.

Church Custodians

Mary Lyn Visser is our church custodian and keeps the building spick and span. Ben Visser keeps our beautiful church cemetery mown and tidy.

Church Officers

Financial Secretary 2022

Lonnie Wernstrum.

The Session

Class of 2022 Bruce Carrington; Kathy Stroke;
Class of 2024 David Coe (Clerk of Session), Gillian Mahrt and Brent Russell.

The Deacons

Class of 2022 Pat Huber and Nan Leavell;
Class of 2024 Doreen Coe and Patti Carrington.

Christian Education

Kathy Stroke, Jessica Briggs.