Our Staff & Church Officers

Our Pastor
The Reverend Lisa M. Robechek serves as
Pastor to Two Rock Valley and Tomales Presbyterian Churches, two congregations yoked together for more than 70 years.
She began her ministry here in January 2024.

Rev. Robechek’s professional career spans more than two decades and includes serving Presbyterian Churches in
San Francisco, California and Louisville, Kentucky. She has also served as a Hospital Chaplain in Columbus, Ohio and San Francisco/Greenbrae, California.

Lisa’s initial call into ministry was prompted by her deep passion for helping people in vulnerable positions (cancer survivors, victims of child abuse, and individuals wrestling with mental health).

Lisa values strong interpersonal relationships and loves helping make church accessible for those who are not familiar with or have been harmed by the Church. She enjoys expressing her slightly irreverent sense of humor and pursues artistic endeavors (photography, painting, collage, writing and dance) to keep her grounded.

To make an appointment with Lisa, please call the church office at 707.762.4924 or e-mail trtompc@aol.com. Or come meet her on Sunday mornings: 9:30 at Two Rock Valley Presbyterian (7063 Bodega Avenue, Petaluma, CA) or 11 am at Tomales Presbyterian (11 Church Street, Tomales, CA).

Church Secretary
Kathy Murphy is our secretary.
She’s on hand to answer your questions
every Tuesday and Thursday
morning between 9am and 12pm.
Call her on 707-762-4924 or email her
at trtompc@aol.com.

Two Rock Valley Presbyterian Church

Margaret Todt has been a part
of the Two Rock Valley Presbyterian Church
music program since 1952 when she sang in the choir. 
She was the backup organist for many years and
became the primary organist/pianist in 2008.

Two Rock Valley Presbyterian Church

Mel Todt became the treasurer in 2000.  
His background was in banking, so when
the treasurer opening occurred he was
a natural for the position. 
He is treasurer for both the Two Rock and
Tomales Presbyterian churches.

Church Custodians
Mary Lyn and Ben Visser keep the building spick and span.

Church Officers

Clerk of Session

David Coe.

Financial Secretary 2024 Lonnie Wernstrum

The Session

Class of 2024 Bruce Carrington.
Gillian Mahrt and Brent Russell.
Class of 2025 Gail Turcotte.
Class of 2026 Kathy McCullough-Stroke

The Deacons

Class of 2024 Doreen Coe.
Class of 2025 Cliff Stroke, Margaret Todt, Jessica Briggs.

Christian Education

Kathy Stroke, Jessica Briggs.