Because of the shutdown, we can’t hold our annual Harvest Festival this year, but we can show you the gorgeous hand-made quilts that the Quilting Group has made over the past few months.

All the proceeds from our quilts go to helping those in need, and we also donate quilts to various causes

If you would like to buy one (or several!!) of these quilts, please contact Carol McClarnon (her number is in the directory) or email us and we’ll put you in touch with her.

“Butterflies” Baby Quilt
Size: 36 x 42 inches
Price: $55.00
“Pink Fish” Baby Quilt
Size: 36 x 44 inches
Price: $55.00
“Sunny Skies” Baby Quilt
Size: 38 x 48 inches
Price: $65.00
“Arrows” Baby Quilt
Size: 38 x 48 inches
Price: $55.00
“Flowers” Twin Quilt
Size: 74 x 57 inches
Price: $90.0
“Harvest” Quilt
Size: 60 x 54 inches
Price: $85.00
“Reindeer” Quilt
Size: 85 x 70 inches
Price: $125.00
“Blue Leaves” quilt
Size: 68 x 81 inches
Price: $150.00
“Chickens” Quilt
Size: 74 x 51 inches
Price: $85.00
“Red, White & Blue” Quilt
Size: 70 x 52 inches
Price: $80.00
“Vintage” Quilt
Size: 56 x 83 inches
Price: $150.0
“Blue Squares” Queen Quilt
Size: 87 x 101 inches
Price: $250.00